the goal

Hop N Pop fitness was started a method for local children, grades K – 6 to stay active over the summer. The actvities are fun so that the kids want to continue to exercise and stay healthy. The program fights obesity and promotes a healthy lifestyle. During the classes, kids participate in a variety of activities so they are exposed to many different methods of healthy living and can take their pick. I designed the program to be diverse, enjoyable, and provide an important message to the kids who represent our future!


STRETCH: No matter what activity you participate in to get your exercise, it is essential to stretch before you begin. This warms up your muscles, keeping them from over-extending or tightening up!
DANCE: By moving to the music and creating your own fun dances, you can burn calories while still having fun and listening to your favorite songs!
KARATE: For those who are not avid dancers, you can turn to martial arts which teaches control, respect, and sharp movements. This includes punches, blocks, kicks, and the Korean language!
GAMES: Exercise does not always have to be controlled. It should be fun and exciting. You can always just play a game! Whether it is musical chairs, four corners, relay races, or any other active game, they are effective ways to stay healthy!