Couples Workout Tips

Getting on track can be a little bit difficult, especially after hearty Christmas meals. Have you noticed some flab on your legs, a tummy and an extra chin? It means it’s time to hit the gym. But wait…I forgot that nobody likes training. A workout can be such a bummer, especially if you do this early in the morning and semi-awake.

But how to make life easier? Make it harder for two people! Introduce your significant other to couples’ exercise activities. And if you don’t have one yet, but want to find a wife who would be equally enthusiastic about exercising, find her at the gym and offer a couples workout plan. 

How to Offer Fitness Classes to a Partner?

Offering workouts for couples to your significant other can be difficult, as they wouldn’t want to change their whole routine for you, especially if they are naturally skinny. But how to make them involved in this issue? 

  • Explain how important it is to you. Tell your partner you really don’t like what you see in the mirror, but your motivation is not enough to make you slimmer. If your SO is a good person and has extra time, I am sure, they will listen to you and offer their help.
  • Explain the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Workouts, as well as good food, have an amazing influence on your relationship. With a healthy lifestyle, you will be less depressed, more energetic and naturally aroused. It will make both of you less tired or grumpy. 

The Benefits of Doing Sports Together 

Having a husband and wife workout every day (even a couple times a week) has some undeniable benefits. It will change your married life for the better and change you in general. A beginner couple workout will help you in many ways.

  • Makes you a real team 

The more you spend time not quarreling or watching Netflix, the healthier perspectives your relationship has. Workout routine for couples makes you work like a team. Since you don’t want to lose all the progress, you will push each other to continue working out. When one of you feels down, another one will be there to lift up your spirit. Isn’t it gnarly? 

  • Recovery

Feeling bloated after the celebration? Had a long corporate event? It’s time to start a detox program. Since holidays don’t spare anyone, you can do it together to feel better soon and get on track without consequences. 

  • Hanging out together

The mutual workout is always one big of a perk. First, you see each other transforming into beautiful creatures day by day. Second, you relieve stress together. Third, you have much in common and so many new topics to discuss, such as sports nutrition and exercise plans. You can finally fulfill fitness couple goals and take hot selfies of your sexy couple’s workout!

How to Create a Fitness Plan for Couples?

Any workout plan for couples should start with collecting knowledge about your exercises, depending on what you want to achieve. If you want to be stronger and healthier, that will be one program. Intense workouts for weight loss will be a whole other topic. So where do you get the knowledge for a couple fitness motivation?

1. Discuss what you want to achieve

Since you are two different individuals, a single workout plan can work for only one of you. Have a detailed list of what you want to achieve by working out. For example, if your wife wants to lose weight in the buttocks area, and you want to work on your muscles, that will be two separate diets and different exercises.

2. Decide on your diet 

If you want to go on this journey together, there should be no smell of junk food in the house. If you were used to having separate dieting preferences, or just didn’t think about it at all, now it’s time to discuss whether both of you will agree on going on a stricter and healthier diet. 

3. Decide on the time you will go to the gym

Since you are planning to fulfill couple gym goals, you’ll need to go there together. And since you might work different hours in different places, you should somehow agree on the time and place that will work for both of you. For example, go to the gym after work on Wednesdays, and spend more time each weekend if you have a busy schedule. Do your cardio every day when both of you come from work, or jog together in the morning. 

4. Search fitness programs on the Internet 

You can find hundreds of variants on the web but choose what’s fitting for both of you. Avoid something that can potentially harm you and don’t try to choose a diet yourselves. You’ll need the help of nutritionists that will construct a diet, based on your goals, likes, dislikes, and allergies.

5. Ask a professional

If you are planning to hit the gym, ask a coach to give you advice on your training. Buy a program, based on your needs. Ask a nutritionist what you can and can’t consume. Be sure you are doing it wisely. 

Sports Menu to Try with Your Couple

Sports menu is one more essential step on way to your couple workout goals. If you do it properly, nutrition helps burn calories and makes you lose weight faster. Some might say it is the most essential step of a fitness plan. Fitness doesn’t consist of the training; it needs to be supported by good food. 

To be healthier, make up a nutrition plan first, starting with basic knowledge about carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and so on. 

Fitness Tips for Couples

Fitness consists of regular training and proper nutrition. But it all starts with a healthy attitude. Follow these steps to be closer to a good life.

1. Have cheat meals together. A cheat meal is a food that is out of your diet list which you consume occasionally. If you sin, do it together. It will keep you strong and make you remember you’re on a mission. Don’t bring chaos into your couple’s fitness by eating out by yourself after work. It will ruin your team’s results. 

2. Help each other out. There will be times when you don’t lose enough weight, so one of you might want to quit this and continue eating junk food. But you need to stay focused and keep your partner from these questionable decisions, as well as the temptation to stay in bed and skip a workout. 

3. Support each other mentally and physically. You need to find balance during each of your training. Some of you might be better at stretching, the other one will like lifting weights. But if one of you fails to complete an exercise, don’t laugh or discourage. Work as a team and help them out!

4. Imagine workouts as a date. Don’t be too serious and sweat blood and tears. Don’t put a too high bar, imagining unrealistic results. Instead, treat it like a fun activity. It’s your attitude that makes it different. 

5. Don’t be shy. When you only start dating, some might be shy to sweat or have greasy hair, stains, and dirty sneakers. But remember that natural things can’t be embarrassing. Just embrace that and be present in the moment. 

Workouts for couples are an amazing opportunity to become a powerhouse. You can help each other out, celebrate your wins, and become better and more attractive to each other. Be sure everything will be great!