Fitness for Kids: Guides and Advice

The physical development of children must comply with the age norm. The better it is, the less often the child gets sick and develops faster. Physical exercises help strengthen the body, the development of coordination, motor skills and make the muscles strong. It is already possible to accustom 2-3 years old children to daily gymnastics. You can choose the right set of exercises for each age. It is necessary to start with simpler ones, and then complicate the training as the child grows older. “Do everything step by step” is the main single mom dating advice.

Physical exercises for kids can be held in the form of a game, and older children can already do a set of fitness exercises under the guidance of adults. From the age of 5, children can already attend sports schools and sections where regular training in gymnastics, various types of wrestling, as well as various sports games can take place. In general, interesting physical activities for families are a great way to spend time together.

Can Children Do Fitness?

If you want your child to grow strong and healthy, you should come up with family exercise ideas and help develop them in all possible ways. And if schoolchildren can already choose among many sports sections and family fitness activities, then what can parents offer kids? It turns out that there is such a trend as fitness for kids. And children can attend these classes from the age of three. Fitness for kids is about outdoor games, sports, classes with various subjects, as well as activities that promote the development of fine motor skills in children. The main goal of fitness for kids is the development of artistry and strength, a sense of rhythm, flexibility and endurance, coordination. Actually, you can create even a family exercise plan.

To have good results, you should exercise with kids at least three times a week. It has long been known that sports disciplines develop a child’s self-confidence, so fitness classes will benefit children of a very different nature. Passive children will learn to be active and raise their vitality; hyperactive children will be able to learn how to regulate emotional outbursts; moody ones learn to feel their own body, as well as to express themselves differently.

Fitness Pros for a Child 

Any physical activity has a positive effect on the child in many respects. Doctors recommend fitness exercise for a kid when there are problems with posture, scoliosis, and flat feet. Classes help strengthen immunity, increase resistance to diseases, improve the circulatory system and metabolism. However, what are other advantages to this type of activity?

  • Learn to establish communication with peers. People are social beings, but to develop communication skills, we need to be involved in different types of interactions with others.
  • Learn what is individual and group discipline. Talking about group classes, children will start understanding adults better. The earlier the kid learns to adhere to the discipline, the better.
  • Spend “extra” energy. Everyone knows that most children have huge energy reserves, but they don’t know how to focus it right. This problem can be solved with the help of exercise and kids will become calmer.
  • Develop the musculoskeletal system harmoniously. When all the systems of the body develop harmoniously, people face fewer problems in adult lives.
  • Strengthen the immune system, heart, blood vessels, lungs, and vestibular apparatus. Children whose parents don’t know how to exercise with kids have a weaker immune system and are vulnerable to diseases.

How to Convince and Encourage a Child?

Encouraging kids to go in for sports is a great way to develop healthy habits that will stay with them for life. Unfortunately, some parents go too far in the art of convincing and encouraging, focusing on high results, rather than on enjoying the process. So, the classes, which were supposed to be an exciting game, turn into a severe test.

You should show support for your kids. This is the first and most important way to motivate a child. Support them in all endeavors, try to go to all competitions, pick up and meet from the sections and, of course, cheer up in case of loss. Let your child know that you are proud of them, and their efforts are pleasant and important for you. Parental involvement is especially important for very young children because, at this age, mom and dad remain the center of their universe. Besides, you can come up with funny and interesting exercise ideas for kids, turning the process into a pleasant pastime.

Fitness for Kids at Home: Main Exercises

As we have already said, the physical development of children must comply with the age norm. Right exercises help strengthen the body, the development of coordination, motor skills, makes the muscles strong. When there is no opportunity to attend special classes and go to a fitness club, for example, on vacation, parents should practice with the kids on their own. This can be done in the form of a game so that the child does not even guess that this is training.

  • “Baby carrots.” The initial position – legs spread a 
  •  little while standing. Raise your hands up, stretch your arms, and lower them back.
  • “Sun.” The initial position is the same. Stretch your arms up, rising on your tiptoes, then lower them back.
  • “Birds.” Take the initial position – stand up straight, legs spread a little. Raise your hands through the sides and lower them down, simulating a flap of the wings of a bird.
  • “We look out the window.” Take the initial position – sit on a chair, put your palms on your knees. Perform torso tilts forward, turning your head to the right and left, as if looking out the window, return to the initial position.
  • “Fidget.” Stand up straight with your feet together and put your hands down. “Walk” in one place for 10 seconds, raise your hands to the sides, “walk” again, raise your hands, “walk,” put your hands down.

What Problems Can Arise?

If you do everything right and without a hurry, you will not face any problems. However, it can happen that a kid has already had some health problems, and in this case, the exercises can make the situation worse.

·        Injury

Active kids can get injured if they do everything sharply and get out of control. Parents should be very careful and attentive to such kids.

·        Likely to develop problems with joints

Problems with joints are on the list of contraindications to being involved in such activity since the problem can become even more acute.

·        The cost of everything you need for fitness        

Certain types of exercises may require additional equipment, not to mention attending fitness classes.

It Can Become a Part of Your Daily Life

Some parents perceive fitness for kids as an alternative to the children’s development center, while others consider this frivolous entertainment, and therefore, unnecessary. But fitness is primarily popular as a well-designed children’s physical education. These classes are aimed at the overall physical development and strengthening of the child. Children develop the correctness and beauty of movements, gait, posture, well-developed speech and good handwriting. You can do it as soon as the baby learns to walk confidently.